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Modifying is a lot of fun but it has to be set up correctly for the best gains, safe running conditions and road legality/motorsport specifications. We offer a variety of services for modifying your vehicle and below are some of the most common modifications fitted.


If what you want to do isn’t listed below, please do get in touch. We do custom tuning for custom modifications and we’re happy to help and advise when needed.


One of the most common modifications for all tuning projects. An induction kit is, in essence, an uprated air filter. An uprated air filter or induction kit will prevent the smaller particles from getting into the engine and therefore the air coming through is cleaner. If you’re after an improvement in sound an induction kit can be an easy introduction into engine tuning and modifications without breaking the bank. When you swap out the OEM (stock) restrictive air box with an open air filter this helps improve the flow of air into the engine and therefore adjusts the sound.


Most induction kits will take no more than 1-2 hours to fit and our labour rate is £90ph inc. VAT. Some do take longer than others to fit though so if you’re not sure what you’ve bought, or what you’re buying, get in touch and one of the team will look at the product and firm up the fitting quote for you. We’re also happy to help you source the right air intake for your vehicle so, if in doubt, get in touch!

Superchargers and Pulleys

Do you have a supercharger fitted to your car? Do you know that most common superchargers have pulley upgrades which reduce the OEM (stock) pulley to make the lobes spin even faster? This results in more compressed air to mix fuel with, and therefore gains on the stock power.


This is a fairly cheap modification to buy if you’ve got a supercharged engine, however not all reduction belts are created equally and a cheap product won’t last so watch out for false economy on this one. If you need some help, send us a message or give us a call.


Most reduction pulleys take about 2-3 hours to change over and its not a job for the faint of heart, if you’re worried ask the pros to do it for you because with this kind of mod you can’t just drive it around the corner if it doesn’t go to plan!

Unlike turbochargers, which experience low down lag depending upon the specifications of the unit, a supercharger has a much more linear power delivery so it can be a fun upgrade for those of us who love our power from the get-go.


Superchargers are available for all kinds of vehicles but not all superchargers are suitable for road use so be careful what you’re buying. For Supercharger conversions do get in touch as its price on application.

Injector Calibration

Sometimes you can go so far with modifications that you need uprated injectors to match up your new spec. Larger injectors allow for an increase in the amount of fuel without having to increase the amount of time the injector itself stays open so it makes for safer running.


However, you can’t just fit whatever you like, you need to know a bit about fuel and timing to know what to fit. As well as this not all injectors will work with all builds and some require additional hardware, matching coil pack or spark plug upgrades, and some also require coding into the vehicle’s ECU. If you’re in doubt do get in touch as we certainly have preferences with specific build specs and this can save you money in the long run.


Injector swapping/fitting/calibration takes a varying amount of time depending upon what vehicle they’re going on and what the rest of the build is, get in touch for a direct quote.


Changing the exhaust on your vehicle is another very common modification though you’ve got to know a bit about what is road legal and what’s strictly for motorsport use before you get too carried away.


For road legal options you should avoid anything which removes a catalytic converter (cat) or particulate filter as, if detected, this will cause you to fail an MOT. This means that if you’re buying an off the shelf product you should try and aim for Cat-Back only if you’re going for a custom-made exhaust then speak to your fabricator about keeping it road legal. Cat-back exhausts don’t make a great deal of difference to the gains as there are still restrictions in place to keep it on the road legal side, however they can make for some awesome sound improvements. A Sports-cat will make for improved gains on the OEM catalytic converter whilst still ensuring that the exhaust changes are road legal.


Different sports-cat options have different implications on tuning gains so if in doubt send us a message and we’ll happily check out the gains of similar products and projects we’ve done before.


If you’re building a track car, or a vehicle not being used as a road car, you’ve a bit more freedom with your exhaust options although some tracks still have decibel limits. A straight through exhaust, so no catalytic converter, no particular filter, and a variety of resonated/non-resonated options depending upon how loud you want it afterwards, will make for the best gains by de-restricting the exhaust.


Most off the shelf exhaust systems take 2-3 hours to fit and our labour rate is £90ph inc. VAT however not all setups are the easiest to work with so for a true quote do get in touch.


We’re also dealers for Scorpion and Milltek so if you see something you like online remember to get in touch as dealers get better discount!


If you want an exhaust custom built but don’t know where to go feel free to give us a call, we see custom made exhausts from all over the country and we don’t mind sharing the information on.


Upgrading your turbo is another really popular modification. Whether it’s a bigger turbo from a similarly spec’d vehicle (such as the ever popular PD conversions), hybridising your currently fitted turbo or opting for an off the shelf uprated product we can fit and tune them all in for you.


We work with some really great turbo manufacturers who cover everything from development to finer testing and fault finding on any previous modifications you’ve done a while ago. If you’re looking for a recommendation then please do ask as we’re happy to share the info on.


A word of caution if you’re buying a turbo online though; you must make sure that what you’re buying is bench and flow tested and set up to work with the conversion and vehicle you’re on with. If you don’t there can be some costly fees to set these up for you as setting a turbo up correctly takes a lot of time.


As well as the above please be aware that when tuning in a hybrid turbo there are some pretty important pieces of information we’d need to know prior to starting any work. As a minimum these are; maximum boost pressure, compressor inducer/exducer measurements, turbine inducer/exducer measurements, and what the manufacturer expects it to go to bhp wise.


Turbo swaps typically take between 5-8 hours in the workshop and any non-standard turbo takes the full day to tune in with your existing set of modifications.

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