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About Us

Who we are

Combined, we’ve been tuning cars for over 20 years. Initially starting off with the aftermarket ECUs namely Motec (M48R Pro and the M800 Series), Apexi Power FCs, and the GEMS ECUs. These ECUs were perfect for finely tuning the cars with additional features such as anti-lag and launch control for off-road rally specification or fast track days. These days whilst we can still offer these services, we mainly concentrate on the OEM specification ECUs fitted in standard road cars from the likes of Bosch/Siemens/Delphi and Marelli to name a few. With the help of the ever expanding Big Fish team we have been able to expand the business and offering to incorporate new, state of the art Dyno Developments 2WD and 4WD rolling roads, Auto Logic diagnostic tools and custom mapping software to ensure that you get the very best out of your vehicle.



What we do

All of our tuning is done in house, we are more than happy to talk you through your map live and demonstrate what we have altered in our remapping software. Unlike some of our competitors like to claim, we do not simply “Work out of a suitcase”. Whilst some tuning companies will download your original file, email it to a tuning house who will modify the file and flash it back into the car, at Big Fish, we ensure your car has a truly customised map inside it whilst offering true value for money.


We do not use generic or off-the- shelf maps, the map in your car will be unique and customised to your own car and (if they are fitted) the supporting modifications.



What we use

Utilising the very latest OBD and BDM equipment from CMD, Dimsport, Alientech, Byteshooter, AMT Cartech and others we can safely and reliably custom remap your car to it’s ultimate potential. We can cater for any modifications and each car is custom mapped to ensure optimum running at all times. We don’t believe in pub-talk figures and concentrate mapping the cars for usable power and for optimum performance.


With our own custom written maps, which are unique to your car, we provide a bespoke and individual service that suits your needs and no car leaves our workshop unless we’re entirely happy with it. We run the latest versions at all times of EVCs WinOLS with all the required checksums as needed for your car. All cars are fine tuned to maximise the performance of your engine safely with full diagnostics and logging.


As well as our onsite dealer level tools which we use to communicate with your car we have the latest Bosch diagnostics. In addition to this we also use wideband lambda and advanced knock monitoring systems to ensure your car is in peak health. Unlike some of our competitors we can recover ECUs as a result of a software crash ensuring we keep your car on the road at all times.


We have state of the art 2WD and 4WD rolling roads installed on our premises which can give you consistent and accurate results.



Need to chat?

At Big Fish we’re happy to spend time explaining the best solution for you and your vehicle, so please do call us for some friendly advice. Even if you are looking to tune your car in the future we can certainly advise on a path forward for you because at the root of our business we love cars.


We can offer a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is with us. Whether it is to just get to the local town of Stokesley or to get you to work, we have a range of courtesy cars to suit your needs.


Our results speak for themselves, and we love talking shop, so we look forward to hearing from you.


Feel free to call and speak to us on 01642 039111, DM us on any of our social media channels , or email us direct at you want more information

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