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Vehicle Coding

We offer a range of coding options across a range of vehicles. Current we’re able to offer vehicle coding across three main brands; BMW, Mercedes, and VAG cars.


Please note that coding is vehicle specific and not all options are available for all vehicles.

Custom Coding:


We can write custom coding for your vehicle regardless of age, model, but it does take time. All custom coding requests are welcome but cost £100ph as they have to be written for your vehicle line by line so please do bear this in mind before enquiring.

BMW (FDL) Coding

We offer FDL coding on all F-Series BMWs! Please see below a full list of the options which are currently on offer*:


  • Sports Gearbox Activation – Faster, Smoother Shifts on the 8 Speed Transmission. Enables Sport+ if not already activated.

  • Angel Eye Brightness – Brightness of the Angel LEDS

  • Cornering Lamps (Fog Lamps) – Fog lamps turn on at slow speeds in the direction

  • Day Running Lights & Rear Fog Lamps

  • Instrument Cluster – Logo changes

  • Digital Speedo Activation – On cluster

  • Active Sound – Change models and volume of ASD, or disable.

  • Voice Recognition – Depending on iDrive Model

  • Ring Tone Set – From phone or changing setting

  • Fuel Stop Proposal – Monitors tank level and suggests on navigation

  • iDrive Startup Animation - Change to M Performance and Others

  • Sport Gauges – Activate if available & change to M series colours

  • Siri Button Activation – Press and hold voice recognition button

  • Video In Motion Enable – Enable playback of DVD’s whilst driving for passengers

  • Active Spoiler – Speed changes when active

  • Seat Heating Memory – Changing temperature for presets

  • Start/Stop Button – Memory and deactivation

  • Automatic driving light sensitivity - Insensitive/Normal/Sensitive

  • Seat belt reminders can be activated - Deactivated (for either driver or passenger)

  • TV in motion – Software only activation to allow the TV to stay on when driving

  • Start / Stop button memory – Retains a memory of the last selected setting rather than defaulting to on

  • Acoustic alarm chirp activation – Acoustic confirmation chirp when locking/unlocking vehicle

  • Electric wing mirrors fold with remote central locking – Unfold/fold wing mirrors via remote key fob

  • USB video playback with additional codec activation – Allows playback of video via USB port on NBT head units.

  • Digital speedo activation – Digital speed readout on instrument cluster, within board computer

  • Basic voice recognition – Enables control over a paired mobile phone (only for vehicles with NBT or combox fitted)

  • Soft on welcome lights – Enables welcome lights to fade up when unlocking and fade down when locking.

  • Door handle puddle light LEDs powered on reverse – When selecting reverse gear, door handle puddle lights are activated to illuminate curb.

  • Remote tailgate closing – Power close the rear tailgate via remote key (only for F31 and F34 vehicles with powered tailgate)

  • Power tailgate closing – Power close the rear tailgate via cabin button (only for F31 and F34 vehicles with powered tailgate)

  • Continued use of power windows with door open – Allows one-touch windows to be used after door has been opened

  • Instrument cluster boot logo – Change instrument cluster boot logo to ///M Performance (only for vehicles with extended display)

  • iDrive start up logo – Change iDrive boot logo to Alpina, BMW i, Rolls Royce or ///M (NBT vehicles only)

  • iDrive boot logo – Change iDrive boot logo to ///M Performance (NBT vehicles only)

  • Removes disclaimer for all cameras and PDC sensors on screen

  • Add tyre pressure & individual tyre temperature to the TPMS display – Vehicle must have factory tyre pressure sensors fitted

  • Activate Siri Eyes-Free Button – Hold down voice recognition button for over 2 seconds (iPhone must be paired and later NBT system fitted)

  • Displays an entire SMS message on iDrive rather than just three lines – Later NBT system must be fitted

*Please be aware that all options are down to vehicle compatibility


Mercedes Coding

Please see below details of the most commonly requested options. Please note that this list is not exhaustive but not all features will be compatible with all vehicle sub-types.


  • Enabling Both Rear Fog-lights

  • Enabling Cornering Fog-lights

  • Enabling Rain Sensing Wipers - Hardware needed

  • Light and Rain Sensor - Adjustments

  • Light Sensor Only - Adjustments

  • Enabling Dimming Interior Mirror - Hardware needed

  • Enabling the Rotational Based Tire Pressure Warning

  • Displaying Temperature in the Lower MFD

  • Enabling Gallons Remaining in the UPPER MFD

  • Flash Rear Brake Lights Under Panic Braking

  • Fan-on Temp Lower

  • Fuel Octane Settings

  • Fuel Remaining Settings

  • Enabling the Phone Buttons on the Steering Wheel

  • Windscreen (Windshield) codes added for the rain & light and light only sensors

  • Start/Stop Adjustments

  • VMax Limiter Removal


VAG Coding

VAG coding is for all vehicle sub-brands listed under the Volkswagen Audi Group i.e. Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania and MAN.


Please see below details of the most commonly requested options. Please note that this list is not exhaustive but not all features will be compatible with all vehicle sub-types.


  • Windows: Roll Up/Down with Key Description: Roll down your windows with your key remote when you unlock the doors

  • Lock/Unlock Confirmations (horn/lights) Description: When you lock your car, it flashes the lights and honks the horn. When you unlock, it flashes the lights. There are other options.

  • KESSY: Lock Car While Running Description: this allows you to start your car with KESSY, then get out with the key, and lock the car with the remote

  • Lighting: Fogs as DRLs Description: Use your fog lights instead of your low beams for DRLs

  • Lighting: Fogs with High Beams Description: Your fog lights will become independent of your high beams, and will not go out when you turn on your high beams

  • Lighting: Fogs as Cornering Lights Description: if your fog lights are not on, but your headlights are, it will illuminate the fog in the direction you are turning at low speeds)

  • Lighting: Auto On/Off Headlights w/o Auto Switch Description: this will make your headlights go on/off with your ignition if they are in the ON position

  • Lighting: Enable DRL Turn On/Off in MFI (2011+ Only) Description: Under lighting in your MFI, you can check DRL’s on or off (this is better than hard coding them off)

  • Lighting: Disable DRL with Turn Signal (2012 Only) Description: When you activate your blinker, the LED DRL next to it will turn off until the blinker is turned off.

  • Lighting: Emergency Brake Flashing Description: If you brake hard enough, this will automatically flash your brake lights and/or turn signals until you let off the brake pedal

  • Lighting: Comfort Turn Signal Count 1-5 Description: When you tap your blinker it will auto blink 3 times by default, this changes the count

  • Lighting: Coming Home Lights Description: Coming home activation requires you to pull the high beam stalk back briefly after shutting the vehicle off and before exiting.

  • Wipers: Enable Tear Drop Wiping on Front Wiper Description: This will wipe your front window one extra time, after a pause, when you use your front wiper squirter

  • Wipers: Enable Tear Drop Wiping on Rear Wiper Description: This will wipe your rear window one extra time, after a pause, when you use your rear wiper squirter

  • Wipers: Disable Rear Wiper with Reverse Gear Description: If your front wipers are running and you put it in reverse, the rear wiper runs by default. This disables that feature.

  • Wipers: Disable Rear Wiper Description: Completely disables your rear wiper

  • Steering Wheel Push-To-Talk Button as Mute Description: Converts the push to talk button your steering wheel into a mute button.

  • Instruments: Disable Seatbelt Warning Description: Disable seatbelt warning chime and light

  • Instruments: Gauge Cluster Staging a.k.a Gauge Sweep Description: When you turn your ignition to on, the gauges will “Sweep” to max, and then fall back to zero

  • Mirror Adjust Menu in MFA for 2011+ Description: Gives you a menu in the MFA to adjust mirrors together or individually.

  • Mirror and Rear Window Heaters: Extend the Active Time Description: Mirror and Rear window heaters run for 10 minutes by default, you can extend that as long as you want

  • Driver Seat Heater Memory Description: When you turn the car on, the driver’s seat ONLY will resume its last setting (Off, 1, 2, 3) automatically

  • Passenger Seat Heater Memory (2012 Only) Description: When you turn the car on, the passenger will resume its last setting (Off, 1, 2, 3) automatically

  • Disable TPMS Description: For cars with TPMS sensors in the wheels, you can disable the light for winter wheels or wheels without sensors

  • Electronic Differential Lock (XDS) Strength Description: XDS is the electronic differential lock. On higher HP models (Scirocco R), this is set to 2, whereas the default on the GTI is 0.

  • Brake Assist Description: Brake assist will make it so you do not have to push down on the brake pedal as hard before the brakes engage. It does not actually make the brakes any stronger. Some people like this, some people feel it makes heel/toe harder.

  • Driver Steering Recommendation (DSR) Description: DSR is the use of sensors relating to the ESP sense when the car is going into a skid, and the steering ECU automatically provides a prompt to the driver to correct the car trajectory by giving the steering wheel a quick ‘nudge’.

  • Torque Steer Compensation (TSC) Description: Using the Steering Assist controller (not the brakes), TSC will help prevent torque steer on tuned cars. A TSC of 1 is used by default in higher HP FWD VW models like the VR6 FWD Passat.

  • Disable ESP Description: This is not considered safe. The ESP in the MK6 is very good and not too obtrusive. That said, if you want to take the risk and turn it off, this is the only known way to accomplish that.

  • Hill Hold Control Description: Hill hold control (assist) is where the car will apply the brakes on a hill when stopped. It will occur if facing up hill with the car in a forward gear, or if facing downhill in reverse. Modifying this setting changes when the brakes release. You can also disable it completely.

  • Adjusting Service Intervals Description: Do you change your oil more often than every 10k miles and would prefer it tell you at 5k miles? That’s what this is for.

  • Start/Stop Adjustments

  • -VMax Limiter Removal

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